Four years in the making, this album is a journey. Thematically, Dark Lights of Delirium is loosely based on Carl Sagan's astronomical series 'Cosmos' (as well as Neil D. Tyson's modern reboot of the series). The lyrics take your imagination to worlds of fantasy and memories of the most precious times of youth, childhood, and feelings of love and dreams. The songs dive into the escapism that symphonic metal is steeped in, where history is presented in a dream-like light, and fantasy and reality poetically collide.

Starting with the revelation of an endless universe, soaring through the themes and imagery of the purge of knowledge, imaginary inner worlds, striving to find happiness or meaning in life, and ending with the tragic story of the execution of Giordanno Bruno, whereby the narrator speaks to us as Bruno. Every song has its own individual meaning but still connects to eachother, and is still a part of the whole journey.

This album is a world where you get to travel and witness fantasy, the mind's beautiful plays, and fly through the clouds, walk on beaches on a moonlit night, and lay in the meadows of your childhood memories and be at peace with yourself and the worlds that surround you.


Release date August 18th, 2018
Physical copies available for purchase

Lyrics coming soon...

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